10 Most Traded Currencies in 2017

10 Most Traded Currencies in 2017

The American dollar is keeping its place as the most traded currency in the world and has managed to grab the 10th place in the list of the highest valued currencies. At the same time, the Mexican peso took the role as the 9th most traded currency pushing the New Zealand dollar off the top ten list. In this post, we will list the most traded currencies in 2017 and right now.

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Top 10 most traded currencies 2017

Find an updated list for the most traded currencies here. The following currencies are the most traded currencies 2017.

1. Unites States Dollar – USD ($)
2. Euro – EUR (€)
3. Japanese Yen – JPY (¥)
4. British Pound Sterling- GBP (£)
5. Australian Dollar – AUD (A$)
6. Canadian Dollar – CAD (C$)
7. Swiss Franc – CHF (Fr)
8. Chinese Renminbi – CNY (元)
9. Mexican Peso – MXN ($/MEX$)
10. Swedish Crown- SEK (kr)

In this article, we are going to look at the top 10 traded currencies 2017, and the most traded currencies RIGHT NOW. Forex trading is one of the biggest forms of trading and has been around for ages. Read more about it by clicking a link above, find a forex trading broker by clicking here.

We have updated our list with the most traded currencies in the world for the upcoming season. The Mexican peso ended up being the 9th most traded currency during the first half of 2017, representing 2.2% of the daily forex market turnover. This was a huge improvement from last year.

The Mexican peso’s improvement resulted in the Swedish crown being pushed down to the 10th place while the New Zealand dollar was forced off the list.

As always, the American dollar is dominating with almost 90% of the total daily share followed by the euro, Japanese yen, and British pound sterling. In fact, the four most traded currencies on the forex market represent more than three-quarters of the total daily turnover.

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Even though the American dollar is at the top of the list of the most traded currencies, it barely made it to the 10th place on the list of the highest valued currencies. And surprisingly enough, 10th place is good progress compared to last year when the United States didn’t even qualify for the top 10 list.

The list with most valued currencies is instead dominated by the Gulf States. The first one being the Kuwaiti dinar, closely followed by the Bahraini dinar, and the Omani rial.

Here is a complete list of the highest valued currencies in the world at the time this article was written. Note that a list like this is constantly changing and the order of the currencies might differ from time to time.

1. Kuwait Dinar – KWD
2. Bahraini Dinar – DHB
3. Omani Rial – OMR
4. Jordanian Dinar – JOD
5. British Pound Sterling – GBP
6. Gibraltar Pound – GIP
7. Caymansk Dollar – KYD
8. Euro – EUR
9. Swiss Franc – CHF
10. United States Dollar – USD

As we already mentioned this list is highly unpredictable. This is because the value of the currencies never stops rising and falling. Because of this, it’s extra hard to predict what will happen with these two lists in the future. The only way to try and get an idea is to use a currency converter to check the price history for the currencies. We offer one of the best currency converters on the market right here at BullMarketz.com.

For the coming 6 months, we are expecting to see the American dollar drop in price to a point where it is forced off the highest valued currencies list once again. If that were to happen it will be either the Australian dollar or the Canadian dollar that takes the American dollar’s place.

Source: Bank of International Settlements (PDF)

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