30K Challenge Review

The internet age has played a massive role in facilitating online trading. Unlike in the past where Forex, Binary Options, CFD and Stock trading was for a select few, specifically financial institutions, big investors and mutual trust funds, it is now accessible to a multitude. Before online trading was made possible, traders had to go to physical trading centers to trade. This is all long gone, in that although there are those who still prefer the traditional way of trading, online trading has become more popular.

With a desktop or a smartphone, individuals can now join the trading community from wherever they are located. With this remarkable progress, many online trading platforms have been developed to offer trading services. One of more about the broker before you commit you real money you will not be able to do so. Further, there are numerous claims that 30K is a scam. Take a look at this 30K Challenge Review to discern whether the claims are true or false.

Find the best trading platform. You capital is at risk when trading. Be careful.

Is 30K Challenge A Scam? Is 30K Challenge Regulated?

The most crucial question that you should ask yourself when looking for a trading platform or software is whether it is regulated. Doing so will keep you safe from scammers. Basically, platforms that are regulated by transparent regulating companies are more safe and secure. They also give you the confidence to trade with them.

First and foremost, 30K Challenge is not regulated, and neither does it hold any licenses that permit it to offer trading services of any kind. In addition, in its introduction video, 30K claims that it has the capability to help you make $30,000 in a month. For a financial institution and big investors, this is realistic. However, for individuals, who are their major target, this is unrealistic, especially in a sector that is quite unpredictable.

The other thing that you will notice is that you cannot have a full view of the platform. You will only be given full access when you make a deposit. With such issues, one thing is for sure; the 30K Challenge scam claims are true and are based on solid evidence. You should avoid this broker and instead, opt for other trusted CFD brokers. There is a broad selection of them, and as such, you will never lack a brokerage firm that meets your needs.

Alternatives to 30K Challenge

30K Challenge is a scam. Luckily, there are alternatives that are legit and regulated as well. IQ Option Review shows that it is one of the perfect brokers. It has a custom-built trading platform for CFD ’s, cryptos and forex. IQ Option offers very speedy trading increments and is a market leader when it comes to trading. Another alternative that you perhaps need to consider is the eToro, which is a transparent and reliable brokerage firm. They are also fully regulated in the UK.

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