Amazon’s Incredible Growth Is Dividing Wall Street

Amazon’s Incredible Growth Is Dividing Wall Street

On Thursday, Amazon published an incredible quarterly report that once again proved how influential the company is in today’s society. However, experts are in disagreement about whether this is good for the future or a horrible development.

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  • Amazon’s latest quarterly report is further proof of the company’s ability to increase revenue and beat everyone’s projections.

  • According to Goldman Sachs, this is great news and a sign that Amazon is still a solid investment that we can rely on.

  • Other experts are claiming that Amazon’s growth is scary and that no one knows where this will end.

Amazon’s stock has been surging since the company published their quarterly report on Thursday, crushing all predictions. Here are some of the key metrics to give you an idea of how much Amazon has grown within the past few months.

  • Amazon Q2 earnings per share were $5.07 compared to the estimated $2.50.
  • The company’s profit margin landed at 5.6 percent compared to the estimated 3.2 percent.

But that’s not all, and the situation gets even more impressive if you compare this year’s results with last year’s results.

During the second quarter of 2017, Amazon reported a net income of $197 million which at the time was impressive. However, during the same time period this year, Amazon reported a net income of $2.5 billion which is an astonishing 1,300 percent increase in 12 months.

Is This Good or Bad News for Amazon?

According to several Wall Street analysts, these impressive numbers show that confidence in the company is steadily growing and that Amazon remains a great investment.

“We continue to believe that we are in the sweet spot between Amazon investment cycles,” Goldman Sachs analyst Heath Terry told CNBC.

However, not everyone agrees with that, and some people are becoming scared of Amazon’s growth. Aswath Damodaran – the Dean of Valuation – is a professor of corporate finance at the School of Business at New York University, and he claims that we should be worried about Amazon.

“Amazon terrifies me as a company,” Damodaran told CNBC and later added that “I’m not even sure what business the company is in anymore. It’s a platform that can be used pretty much to disrupt any business.”

We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not Amazon is a good investment, but we can’t deny that their numbers are impressive to say the least. 

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