Apple – The Most Innovative Company in the World

Apple – The Most Innovative Company in the World

Apple was named the single most innovative company in 2017 for their ability to produce cutting-edge technology and unrivaled creativity. The list was published by Fast Company and several other tech giants made it to the top 10.

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Yesterday, Fast Company published their annual list of the world’s 50 most innovative companies and Apple topped the list at number 1 describing that Apple is “delivering the future today.”

The list is put together by over 30 expert journalists and editors who evaluate thousands of companies in search of the best and most innovative ones.

According to the group of evaluators, it is Apple’s ability to create and integrate industry-leading hardware and software without much input from the outside. Examples used to explain this further are some of the Apple products that were launched in 2017 such as the iPhone X, the Apple Watch Series 3, and the ARKit.

As a part of the list Fast Company explained the tech giant, “…designs its own chips—so an iPhone packs a processor designed specifically optimized for Apple’s operating system, apps, display, camera, and touch sensor. The company has gotten so good at chip design that the A10 Fusion inside the iPhone 7 trounces rival processors in independent speed benchmarks.”

Apple also has a unique way of spreading their reach beyond what they’re used to, something they’ve proven with Apple Music and the Apple TV, but also their recent development of artificial intelligence solutions.

Among the top 10 list in Fast Company’s list we find other tech giants such as Amazon, Spotify, Netflix.

Apple Stock Prediction

Apple and the Apple stock were set to perform well in the coming year even before this list was published and we have good reason to believe that prediction is even stronger now. Some experts are also waiting to see if it will affect the Apple stock when the markets open on Wednesday morning.

All in all, the Apple stock is a pretty safe bet at the moment although anything can happen. Also, let’s not forget that Warren Buffett has his eyes on Apple and that he increased Berkshire Hathaway’s shares in Apple last week.

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