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A Bitcoin calculator is a tool that’s used to convert Bitcoins to other currencies and vice versa. It is a feature that’s offered by most companies that sell Bitcoin and it is essential to anyone involved in cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin calculators work in the same way as regular currency converters, and therefore most people refer to them as Bitcoin converters. Another popular term used for these tools are Bitcoin graphs or cryptocurrency graphs.

The reason why everyone in the industry differentiates between Bitcoin converters and other regular currency converters is that most of the regular converters still don’t support Bitcoin and other digital currencies. This will probably change in the future since digital currencies are growing, but right now the selection is somewhat limited. Below you can find the most recent prices for Bitcoin in several different fiat currencies.

What To Use a Bitcoin Calculator For

We mentioned earlier how a Bitcoin calculator is used to convert the value of Bitcoin to and from other currencies. And now you might be asking yourself, why would someone have to do that?

Well, in our opinion there are three answers for that:

  1. The most common reason why you might need to convert Bitcoin to another currency is that you want to either buy or sell Bitcoins as a personal investment. In order for you to make sure that you are not overpaying for the Bitcoins, you need to check the price with a Bitcoin calculator. After you buy Bitcoins you will also want to use a Bitcoin calculator to keep an eye on how its value develops over time. Otherwise, you will never know when it’s a good time to sell them again.
  2. You will also need a reliable Bitcoin converter when you want to buy a product or service using your Bitcoins. Today, many businesses accept Bitcoin as payment but before you buy anything, you will want to make sure that the exchange rate offered is correct. The only way to do this is with a Bitcoin calculator.
  3. The last reason is related to Bitcoin trading on the forex market. That’s right – nowadays you can trade Bitcoins on the forex market just like any other currency. A currency converter is absolutely essential for anyone trading Bitcoin just like it is with regular currency trading.

Note that not all currency brokers are offering Bitcoins yet but that it’s growing in popularity and subject to change. Update: Most of the bigger forex brokers are now also offering bitcoin and a bunch of other coins.

Our Bitcoin Graph

Now you know why you need a Bitcoin calculator, but how do you know which one to use? That’s a fair question. As we mentioned earlier, most leading and well-known currency converters do not offer digital currency rates yet. This forces everyone to go look for a new tool to use which is easier said than done.

Right now, there are several hundred Bitcoin converters on the market and not all of them are up to the same standard. In fact, many of them are not accurate enough for you to be able to rely on them. But don’t let this deter you. All the major e-wallets for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer Bitcoin graphs as a part of their services.

Another option is to use our Bitcoin graph. It is one of the best and most accurate ones on the market and it is available right here at You can use it to compare the value of most currencies with the value of Bitcoin. It can also be used to check how the Bitcoin price has developed over time.

Do you need to convert Bitcoin to another currency right now? Then go straight to our Bitcoin calculator in the top of this page.

Popular Bitcoin Exchange Rates

The Bitcoin (BTC) and dollar (USD) exchange rate is by far the most popular one, even though it’s possible to convert Bitcoin to pretty much any other world currency. This is because USD is the world’s leading currency and for the longest time it was also the only currency that had a real relationship with BTC.

The second most popular exchange rate is the one between Bitcoin and the euro (EUR). This exchange rate has seen an explosion in popularity as Bitcoin and other digital currencies are gaining ground on the European market.

Check out the latest and most accurate rates in real time for BTC to USD here and BTC to EUR here.

Find the best trading platform. You capital is at risk when trading. Be careful.

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