Bitcoin cash (BCH)

bitcoin cash logoBitcoin cash was created through a hard fork of Bitcoin in August 2017. The hard fork, or split, created a completely new cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin but with a different set of rules and algorithms. The reason for the hard fork was that many users had started finding faults in the scalability of Bitcoin and they required better opportunities. The purpose of Bitcoin cash is that it is more scalable than Bitcoin but other than that they are pretty much the same in the core. Everyone who owned Bitcoins at the time of the fork in August when block 478558 was mined, also owns the same amount of Bitcoin cash. For example, if you had 20 Bitcoins at the split you automatically received 20 Bitcoin cash.

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Is Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Different from Bitcoin (BTC)?

Yes, Bitcoin cash is a completely separate currency and a hard fork of Bitcoin. You could say that Bitcoin cash is an upgrade of Bitcoin. Some people argue that Bitcoin cash is better than Bitcoin, other people disagree saying that Bitcoin is superior. What’s known for a fact is that Bitcoin cash is easier to scale and its value is way less than regular Bitcoin.

What we like about Bitcoin cash

  • Bitcoin cash is a decentralized digital currency just like Bitcoin
  • It is a very safe cryptocurrency
  • Transactions are hidden and anonymous
  • Transactions are conducted within seconds and confirmations are delivered within minutes
  • It is more or less based on its bigger brother Bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin cash

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Firstly, you can buy Bitcoin cash using a cryptocurrency wallet. By using a wallet, you also get the opportunity to use Bitcoin cash as a currency, meaning you can trade it for products and services online.

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