Bitcoin Code Review

The founder of Bitcoin Code claims that his “new, revolutionary” automatic trading software can turn ordinary traders into instant millionaires. He claims that his software can make automatic trades, using complicated algorithms that have been coded to react to certain market signals. Supposedly, the software can make more than $13,000, in a 24 hour period! In his website, the founder Steve McKay gives traders a chance to test drive his Bitcoin Code demo account for free. Steve McKay claims to be a millionaire, who has been featured in the Forbes magazine, and who has had extensive experience in the trading world.

Therefore he assures his users they have nothing to fear when trading with his programme, and that they only need to deposit $250 to start making money. Looking at the website reveals a platform that is just too good to be true. So, in this Bitcoin Code Review, we will be looking at all the services that the platform has to offer. We will also be looking at whether the company is regulated or not, whether it is a scam or not, and whether there are other alternatives to this platform.

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Is Bitcoin Code A Scam? Is Bitcoin Code Regulated?

Bitcoin Code definitely looks like it is a scam. There is simply no system in the world that can earn a trader such high returns for depositing only $250, and in such a short amount of time. Another issue with Steve McKay’s trading platform is the fact that it is not regulated and does not offer any broker that is regulated. Since anyone can trade bitcoins these days, the platform’s CFD brokers are not certified, and you may not be offered a choice that suits you.

This is an extremely high-risk option that traders should beware of. Many traders also label the system a “Bitcoin Code Scam”, since the video found on the platform’s website appears to be filled with actors and actresses. Even the person claiming to be Steven McKay might not be him since there is no mention in the Forbes magazine of anyone by that name. The website itself also looks very cheap and unprofessional. People who believe that they will make quick money and become overnight millionaires with this system will be sadly disappointed. There are much better alternative systems out there that can give much more realistic returns and a safe trading environment.

Alternatives To Bitcoin Code

Other automatic trading platforms that do not pose the threat of Bitcoin Code include Libertex and In our Libertex review, you will see that it is regulated under the oversight of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and is also a member of The Financial Commission (Finacom). This means that traders who have grievances with this platform can file complaints with the above-mentioned entities. Libertex deals with all forex exchanges and trading, as well as specialising in cryptocurrencies. The company also shows full transparency on their website, offers lots of investment tools and information, and is extremely reputable.

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