Bitcoin is Stabilizing Around $10,000 and the Market is Looking Steady

Bitcoin is Stabilizing Around $10,000 and the Market is Looking Steady

Bitcoin has gained close to 25% over the past week and today it finally broke the $10,000 mark again. Investors are now hoping that this is a sign that the market has finally turned.

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Last Thursday, Bitcoin hit rock bottom at $6,000 and now, for the first time since mid-December, Bitcoin is rallying again. In fact, the king of cryptocurrencies is showing characteristics that we got used to at the end of 2017 and investors are hoping for a long bull run.

Best of all is that Bitcoin is not alone.

  • Ethereum is selling for $928 and is quickly closing in on $1,000 having gained 13% since Sunday.
  • Bitcoin Cash has passed $1,500 after touching the bottom at $770 on February 6. In fact, BCH has made one of the most impressive recoveries surging from $1,300 yesterday morning.
  • Litecoin seems to have stabilized at around $214 after surging 40% earlier this week. However, LTC is bound to gain even more traction as the release date for LitePay is closing in.

Similar patterns can be seen across the market and the industry is looking stronger than it has in several weeks. Hopefully, these developments are the first good signs of what’s to come during 2018.

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