Bitcoin Method Review

You’ve probably come across the Bitcoin method. Does it work? Will you profit? These are probably some of the question gnawing away at you. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find all the information necessary to help you make an informed decision. In this Bitcoin Method Review, we pop open the hood and look at the nuts and bolts of the whole system. Chances are high that you were attracted to this investment option after watching a video that promised you $14, 000 in daily profits, right? At that rate, it wouldn’t take too long to be a millionaire, would it? As exciting as the video was, let’s take a step back and think for a moment. Can you really make $14, 000 every day? If you can, why aren’t there more people using the software? A software that makes thousands of dollars for users should have attracted the attention of millions of people by now. But no, the people behind the software claim it’s a top-secret beta-app that only grants access to 35 people at a time, and you just happen to be one of the lucky few. Once the unverified product owners have reeled you in with their promotional video, they promise a Bitcoin Method demo account, only after you have made a hefty $250 deposit. That sounds like a scam if there ever was one.

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Is Bitcoin Method a scam? Is Bitcoin Method Regulated?

Bitcoin Method further cements itself as an outright scam by listing unregulated CFD brokers in their system. Unregulated brokers have a tendency of making away with people’s investments because they can. There’s no way to trace an unregulated broker. Regulatory bodies have no idea of who they are nor their address. That means if the unregulated broker disappears with your hard-earned money, no one can help you. Don’t be lured in by the fact that the software also gives you access to legitimate and licensed brokers. Those are there to make everything look legitimate after a cursory glance. The fact is, the software won’t match you with a legitimate broker. You might as well flush the $250 deposit because the Bitcoin Method scam will trick you out of it. It is a get rich scheme meant to make one person rich-the founder Joe Templeton. Although he is a Harvard graduate, Templeton’s software will not earn you a single dime, regardless of what you do. The entire promotional video for the software is meant to fleece you of the $250. If you don’t believe it, go back to the video. Observe the spot claimer at the bottom left-hand corner. It claims there are only 36 vacancies left and it continues to count down to almost zero vacancies. When you refresh the video, the spot claimer resets back to 36.

Alternatives To Bitcoin Method

Now that we’ve established that the Bitcoin Method is a scam, let’s look at a legitimate alternative that turns your investment into a profit. We are going to take a brief look at the AvaTrade review, which, while not promising you thousands of dollars every day, is a legitimate investment vehicle. AvaTrade was established in Ireland and the company endeavours to provide a safe trading environment. All brokers on the platform are regulated by numerous bodies including the ASIC, MiFID, FSA, and FSB. The AvaTrade software offers a range of functionalities and access to various markets and instruments, unlike Plus500 which only offers access to CFD trading.

Between 65-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money.