Bitcoin Millionaire Review

Bitcoin Millionaire was created in June 2017 and professes to provide the very latest in trading software. It is specifically aimed at the highly popular and volatile market of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. The designer is an individual called Victor Gray, who claims that the software is not a scam. It is advertised that traders can make huge amounts of profit with the automated trading app, but there is no explanation at all on how it works. The functionality is only presented in the form of a sales video.

This states that the robot attains a high success rate by only trading when an outcome is 99% sure and that the whole system works on $25 trades. It is free to use after registration, but of course, you then have to make your deposit with a broker. Overall, the video contains very little information on trading and appears to be targeting traders who can not afford to lose any more money. There is no Bitcoin Millionaire demo account, which means that you are left guessing as to what amazing algorithms and technology can make such fantastic profits. If you think it sounds like a good option, then read on in this Bitcoin Millionaire Review.

Find the best trading platform. You capital is at risk when trading. Be careful.

Is Bitcoin Millionaire A scam? Is Bitcoin Millionaire Regulated?

The Bitcoin Millionaire website provides no real explanation of how it works. Even the top BTC trading apps are not able to provide that level of profit, so it is not wise to think that this one can.

There is no evidence of its reliability, and the chances are that this is a scam. Traders want to see information on strategies and algorithms, along with helpful market analysis tools and relevant data. There is none provided. By far the most worrying factor is the way that the promotional video is presented, in a bid to lure gullible and vulnerable traders.

Investors are then required to part with between $250 and $500, and only then do you gain access to this highly dubious trading platform. It seems that empty promises and a Bitcoin Millionaire Scam may well be all that you will gain from the experience. If you still think that this app might be worth trying, then please do not. It is much wiser to find a reputable and licensed CFD or Forex trading broker, where your money is not at risk. There are plenty of reliable options out there, so choose wisely.

Alternatives To Bitcoin Millionaire

When you are searching for trading software or brokers online, always read reviews and conduct research. Bitcoin Millionaire is currently sending out warning signals, so it is better to opt for a broker like Plus500. This is a fully regulated CFD broker and a great choice for beginners. There are many trading instruments provided, together with a reliable and easy to use platform. Alternatively, read our IQ Option review.

It is one of the fastest growing online brokers, with multiple benefits and a demo account. Its also the winner of numerous awards and sends out regular training emails to help you succeed in your trading.