Bitcoin Robot 2 Review

Bitcoin Robot 2 is an automated robot that trades in the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum. These are two of the most popular digital currencies available, and the company makes claims of up to 100% profit on their trading. The robot was invented by a group of online investors. However, there is virtually no information available as to their credentials. There is also no evidence of a Bitcoin Robot 2 demo account. However, to invest, you do not need to understand anything about the currencies, as this robot works on your behalf. Bitcoin and Ethereum are decentralised currencies, free from any third party limitations, and are generally considered to be secure investments. The BTC2 robot claims to work by purchasing the currencies at low prices and selling them for more money. It does this by monitoring the markets for 24 hours every day. It then makes trading decisions based on algorithms, which decide whether the market value will go down or up. Using all this information, it produces thousands of orders each day. The platform features a promise of no fees or commissions, no limit to your account size, and complete trader anonymity. If you are concerned that this sounds like a possible scam, then read on in this Bitcoin Robot 2 Review.

Find the best trading platform. You capital is at risk when trading. Be careful.

Bitcoin Robot 2 A Scam? Is Bitcoin Robot 2 Regulated?

Once you have subscribed to Bitcoin Robot 2, choosing from three subscription plans, you download and install the software platform. Making your investments then requires you add capital in the form of a deposit. This is a trading option which carries a very high risk. If a company professes that you can earn huge profits for no work, it should wave a red flag. There is also a lack of transparency concerning both the developers and the software itself. It is our view that BTC2 is not regulated and poses a risk to safety and security, which might include making investments with a risk that you do not want to take. There are mixed reviews online as it has an affiliate program, which seems to generate positive reviews. However, there are thousands of negative comments from traders who lost money when they opted for the first robot version. Ultimately, it may not necessarily be a Bitcoin Robot 2 scam, but we do not recommend that you try to find out by using it. A much better option is to use stock brokers or consider other alternatives that are tested and proven.

Alternatives To Bitcoin Robot 2

If you are searching for alternatives to the Bitcoin Robot 2, then take a look at our eToro review. This broker has recently launched a new trading platform that offers access to multiple services from all types of mobile device. It is licensed by CySEC and regulated in the UK by the FCA. 24Option was launched in 2010 and provides binary options services to EU member states. It offers a vast range of assets, is licensed by CySEC, and has recently added a CFD and forex brokerage service. There are a considerable number of reputable brokers to choose from, so be sure to check out our reviews before making any final decision.

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