BlazingTrader Review

Finding a trusted trading broker or trading software has become such a hassle. If you are not careful while doing so, you might end up as one of the scam victims. Before deciding on using a given brokerage or robot, it is advisable to read multiple reviews about that specific broker. We have informative reviews of almost all brokers, robots and software that you will ever find on the internet. We are dedicated to helping you stay on the safe side, and herein you will find a BlazingTrader review. Created in early 2016, BlazingTrader is a trading software that promises traders blazing returns should they use it. The software, whose role is to auto trade for traders does not have a BlazingTrader demo account. The robot claims are that if you incorporate it in your trading, you will become rich within a short while since it has the capability to master perfect entries and exits. Every trader hopes for good returns, and when you stumble upon such a software, you might be tempted to utilize it without a second thought. However, before you dig into your wallet, take a look at this review to find out if this software is legit or a scam.

Find the best trading platform. You capital is at risk when trading. Be careful.

Is BlazingTrader A Scam? Is BlazingTrader Regulated?

When you come across a trading software such as BlazingTrader that promises a daily profit amount or a fixed percentage win rate, you can be sure that the likelihood of such a software being honest is very low. First and foremost, this robot is not regulated, meaning that it is operating illegally. We always advise traders to steer clear of unlicensed brokers and softwares, regardless how good they seem. Legit CFD brokers and robots take being regulated very seriously and are among the first things they seek to achieve once they are founded. Second, this robot promises a monthly return of $440,000. Trading is unpredictable, in that there will be good months and bad months. Hence, a robot claiming to make such an amount every month is not honest and could turn out to be a scam. While researching about BlazingTrader scam, we found out that the software connects with brokers that are not regulated and have many complaints against them. Well, this could only mean that this software cooperates with untrusted brokers to scam traders who are unaware. The pictures of its members are also not true. In essence, they are images of random people that have been sourced from various internet sources such as Shutterstock. Putting fake members is enough proof that the software is a scam. Stay away!!

Alternatives To BlazingTrader

Instead of trading with BlazingTrader, which is evidently a scam, consider other alternatives such as Libertex. The broker is regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and has been offering CFD, forex, and cryptocurrencies brokerage services since 2015. Further, check out our review for an in-depth understanding of the broker. Markets. com is run by Safecap Investments Limited, an investment services firm that is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. These two brokers are safe and secure, using cutting-edge technologies to safeguard your personal and financial information. They also have user-friendly trading platforms that can be used by both new and skilled traders.

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