The Canadian dollar and the United States dollar have had a long and tight relationship over the last few decades. Many look at the CAD and USD as if they were siblings with many similarities but the truth is that they have many differences.

The first difference is that the Canadian dollar still belongs and is ruled by the British crown. This creates a unique tie between Canada and the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe that the United States lacks. Another big difference is that the USD is the number one currency in the world while CAD comes in further down on the list.

Some claim that these differences are what brings the two currencies closer to each other and we can agree to some extent. What almost everyone agrees on is that CAD and USD have a relationship that is optimal for investments.

CAD/USD is one of the world’s most traded currency pairs and there is no sign that the interest in the pair is stopping anytime soon. More and more investors are buying CAD/USD and all of these people are regularly checking the exchange rate between the Canadian dollar and the American dollar.

Besides the investors, there is another huge group of people that convert CAD to USD on a regular basis. There is a huge amount of tourism as well as import and export between the two countries. Thus, for anyone involved in any of these activities, a currency converter is needed. You can’t buy products (even if you order them online or buy them in the country) with another currency without first checking the exchange rate. You can use one of the best forex brokers to trade CAD to USD. A forex broker works with leverage as well, pretty much like a CFD broker.

Convert CAD to USD

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We provide links to the articles about the currency if you require more information before you start converting. You can read more about the Canadian dollar here and the American dollar here.

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