Crypto Robot 365 Review

Important: We recommend not using trading softwares such as Crypto Robot 365, there are no shortcuts to great profits.

Crypto Robot 365 is a platform offering automated trading software for a range of cryptocurrencies. The website has enjoyed huge popularity among traders due to its promise of offering a different alternative to other trading software, and the rise of digital currency. The robot software is connected with a selection of brokers offering Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum among many others. The Crypto Robot platform is provided in multiple languages and is fully automated. It allows traders to customize, so it is easier to develop a trading strategy for optimized gains. It is easy to learn and use, with an extremely user-friendly interface, and plenty of learning tools provided. There are many advanced binary options strategies available too, with traders able to select from Classic, Fibonacci and Martindale. It has a relatively high minimum amount at $25 per trade, so beware. The app is provided absolutely free, and a Crypto Robot 365 demo account is also available so that you can test the software. Be aware, however, that demo trading will nearly always show you making money. Read on in this Crypto Robot 365 Review to see if it is really as good as it sounds.

How much of this is true is very unclear, the picture painted by the team behind this robot might not be fully honest. Find regulated cryptocurrency brokes here.

Find the best trading platform. You capital is at risk when trading. Be careful.

Crypto Robot 365 A Scam? Is Crypto Robot 365 Regulated?

The use of robots for auto trading is widely used in the binary options world. Their ability to trade around the clock means that they are popular, as there is a wider exposure to different financial markets, meaning an opportunity to increase profitability. Signing up with Crypto Robot 365 is simple, and then you select a broker from the drop-down menu. However, be aware that the brokers currently listed on the software are unlicensed brokers. Despite the promise of regulated brokers on their way, we would currently caution against using Crypto Robot for this reason alone. There are mixed reviews from users, with no firm evidence of a Crypto Robot 365 scam. The fact that it’s offered for free is highly valued, and this is a relatively new entrant, so it is still developing in many areas. Overall, it is much more advisable to use regulated Forex, stock, or CFD brokers and be sure that your investment is fully protected. There are a huge number of alternatives on offer, so read some of our reviews, and be sure that you choose a broker to meet your requirements.

We recommend that you regulated alternatives.

Alternatives To Crypto Robot 365

If you think that the risks with Crypto Robot 365 are too great, but want to trade in cryptocurrencies, then take a look at these two brokers. IQ Option is an established broker which offers Options, CFD, and also digital currencies trading. It is regulated by CySEC and has over 15 worldwide support centers. Plus500 is another good option. It is a CFD broker, so only CFDs are available, but it has some innovative cryptocurrency CFDs available. It has a well-designed platform, which is fully mobile compatible and is easy to navigate. Be aware that this is high-risk trading, so be sure to read our Plus500 review before making any final decision. Whichever broker you select, be sure that it is a transparent and fully regulated option.

Between 65-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money.