Cryptopulse – Week 44

Cryptopulse – Week 44

South Korea's second largest cryptocurrency Coin one has now been integrated with Litecoin. Read about this and much more in Cryptopulse.

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It is now nine years since the launch of the Bitcoin White Paper by Satoshi Nakamoto. The anonymous creator of the Bitcoin currency launched the White Paper on October 31st.

South Korea’s second largest crypto exchange stock Coin one has now integrated with Litecoin.

The Iranian government is currently investigating the economic and infrastructure implications need in preparation for the use of Bitcoin in the country.

Derivative Market Operator CME Group has just announced that they plan to launch a Bitcoin futures product towards the end of this year.

With a new approach, investigators at the Benton County Sheriff Office in the US state of Arkansas, have begun to generate their own cryptocurrency to use when trying to track online criminals.

Bill Miller, the Legg Mason fund manager, runs their MVP 1 hedge fund with almost one-third of its assets in Bitcoin. The fund is now up more than 72.5% this year.

Ron Paul, the former American presidential candidate, says he believes that cryptocurrency should not be regarded as real money and has expressed his surprise at their growth.

The billionaire and PayPal Holdings Inc founder, Peter Thiel, has announced his conviction that cryptocurrency has a very promising future and calls it an “extra form of money.”

The developers of the open source code behind Bitcoin Cash have indicated that they will try to change the software rules through a hard fork on November 1st. To be activated on November 13, the new software will endeavor to restore the Emergency Response (EDA) rule.

The Ethereum-based prediction market, Moirai, will become one of the first regulated ICOs.

Ethereum’s expected software update, Casper, may happen before the developer’s plans. The Casper update may be rolled out as early as “Constantinople”, with the next hard fork, instead of with “Serenity”, the final development phase in 2018.

The British asset manager, Hargreaves Lansdown, is about to offer its customers access to two Ethereum-based stock traded notes (ETNs).

Korean Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, Coinrail, will add Ripple’s domestic assets XRP from 17th of November this year.