Dash (XCO)

Dash was initially released in January 2014 as XCO coin, on 28th February of that year changed its name to Darkcoin. In March 2015 it changed again, to the current name Dash. This digital currency from its launch impressed the market and continued to do so. In March 2017 it showed a massive upsurge against the other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin showing a Dash value of €319 raising to €520 before settling at €460. Looking to buy Dash for the best price? Let us help you.

Trade or buy Dash In Two Layer Security

Dash is a unique peer to peer network that allows some great features; This is made possible by the introduction of two layers of technology. First, blockchains that are the fundamental basis of all cryptocurrencies recording all the transactions taking place. To trade or buy Dash safely, there is a second layer, Masternodes, with the highly secure quorums in which transactions to trade Dash takes place.

  • Originally launched as XCO, became known as Darkcoin before changing to the current name of Dash in 2015
  • Unique decentralised peer-to -peer network, consisting of two layers of technology, Block chains and Masternodes
  • Maximum of 19 million Dash coins introduced every year, 7.2% decrease in the number issued yearly- making the coins inflationary.

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