Delta Tech Review

No government fees and no brokerage fees are just some of the benefits that come with forex trading. Spot currency trading, for instance, cuts out the middleman and allows you to trade directly with the market, for the pricing on a particular currency pair. With spot forex, you determine your own lot and can participate with small accounts of $25. Forex trading is continuous, which is great for those wanting to trade on a part-time basis. It’s always important to read reviews.

A Delta Tech review, for instance, will tell you that Delta Tech (previously known as Delta App) is now a forex trading signals software. It started in March 2018, and there is much negative feedback about the trading software online. A Delta Tech demo account will be required if you are to investigate the company further. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t appear to exist today. The company, launched by Jake Hammel, appears to have tricked some novice traders into parting with their money. This trading app apparently wants to turn you into a millionaire overnight. Jake Hammel, representing the app, tells traders that when they use this automated trading software, they can become a millionaire in no less than 46 days.

Find the best trading platform. You capital is at risk when trading. Be careful.

Is Delta Tech A scam? Is Delta Tech Regulated?

Yes, it certainly appears as if Delta Tech is a scam. People who have already been caught by them, describe the software as a re-branded scam. A strong reason for this is that claims of would-be profits are ludicrously high. The Delta-Tech possibly fictitious character, Jake, tells you that he is a self-made millionaire. He wants to recommend this software, as with it you can benefit from making no less than $1,350 every day, sometimes more even.

You’ll find that these claims are even supported with some unrealistic statements as to how the company never loses any trades. There is also no indication as to how the forex signals are created or what analysis tools exist. This is why this software is so dangerous. It makes beginner traders think they’ve found awesome CFD brokers who’ll ensure they increase their investments. Most free auto trading robots like this also work with unregulated brokers, and there are legit forex scam sites that explain how they trick you. There is also a promotional video online, and review experts say that the woman who professes to have made money with the system, is just an actress paid to assist in the Delta Tech scam.

Alternatives To Delta Tech

Forex trading is hugely popular but it isn’t simple. The idea of trading without a broker is foolish if you’re a novice, and a reputable broker such as AvaTrade is essential. It will allow you to benefit from forex trading whether you are experienced or not, with the security that they are a reputable and licensed broker. Another reputable company is eToro, founded in 2006. An eToro review will tell you this is a reputable financial trading and investment platform, ranking as a top online forex broker and top social trading network. They provide expertise and trustworthiness for you to reach your trading goals, with no risk of any scam like Delta Tech.

Between 65-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money.