Dollar to Pound

As the first and fourth most traded currencies on the forex market, the 

American dollar and the British pound share a bond that few currencies can relate to. The currency pair gets traded for several billion dollars every year and the interest in the USD to GBP exchange rate is consistently growing. Combined, they represented almost half of the daily turnover on the global forex exchange market in 2016.

International trade between the United States and the United Kingdom wouldn’t be possible without a currency exchange converter. Every trade that’s done in USD to GBP relies on an accurate exchange rate.

Similarly, tourists and business travelers also rely on a currency converter to convert USD to GBP. Every year millions of people travel from the United States to England and in order for them to understand the price of products and services they need to know the exchange rate between the dollar and the pound. As a matter of fact, tourism is one of the main reasons why people converted USD to GBP in 2016.

Convert USD to GBP

So what is the best way to check the exchange rate for USD in GBP? In our opinion, an online currency converter is always the best option. Traditionally, you had to go to a bank to get an exchange rate but nowadays you can get the latest rates directly from the internet. It is important that you remember to always use a trustworthy currency converter otherwise you might end up with incorrect or old information.

Fortunately, we offer one of the best currency converters on the market here at It is very easy to use and it only provides the latest exchange rates for all of the world’s currencies including USD to GBP.

Our dollar to pound converter can also be used to check how the exchange rate between the dollar and pound has developed over time up to 10 years back. A feature that’s mostly used by currency traders to find value in the forex market and develop investment strategies. 

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