EOS (EOS) is a global cryptocurrency that was launched in July 2017. EOS is completely decentralized with a blockchain and operative system that was developed for maximum security and speed. In fact, the EOS blockchain is capable of handling millions of transactions per second which is far more than most cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. EOS was created to offer the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications.

What does the abbreviation EOS stand for? No one actually knows. According to the founder, EOS can mean different things to every user. Some examples of what EOS could stand for is Ethereum on Steroids, End of Silence, Endless Online Scaling, or just the EOS Operative System.

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What We Like About EOS

  • EOS is a decentralized cryptocurrency.
  • EOS can handle millions of transactions per second.
  • EOS has gained great popularity in a short amount of time.

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