Fintech LTD Review

Most of us may never know how it started, but there are now thousands of software out there that claim to make you rich by helping you take your trading to the next level. While some of these claims are true, it is becoming that much harder to find legitimate trading software. There are simply too many scam trading software floating around for one to know which ones are legitimate and which ones are not. Take Fintech LTD for instance.

A Fintech LTD Review will tell you that they offer a trading software on their website. It turns out that the only way for you to get the software is to make a small deposit for the software. You then have to deposit funds for a Fintech LTD demo account so that you can trade with two of their recommended brokers. Both of these things should be making your ears hot, but that is just the start. They also require that you do not check your account for a week so that when you come back, you are surprised by the massive profits made on your initial investment. As this Fintech Review will show, they are simply too many questions and too many red flags to ignore.

Find the best trading platform. You capital is at risk when trading. Be careful.

Is Fintech LTD a scam? Is Fintech LTD regulated?

Fintech claims to have a trading software that will make you over $2000 per day on your $20000 investment, which most people call the Fintech LTD scam. They take advantage of the fact that a considerable chunk of those getting their trading legs have never heard of binary trading. Their whole shtick is to make it look like it is easy to automate the process and start ripping big. While most of the trading community agrees that trading binaries is tricky and takes skill and understanding of about six different disciplines, Fintech LTD tries to claim that they will open the door so that you do not have to learn anything.

They also do not work with any certified CFD brokers but instead direct you to brokers who have been flagged in the past for having dubious dealings. FinTech does not have any regulated brokers working with them which essentially means they are unregulated by virtue of being a software company. The lack of transparency, working with unregulated brokers, the lack of an easy to find demo account as well as the initial minimum deposit all point to things not being on the up and up with this software company.

Alternatives to Fintech LTD

While companies like FinTech LTD give the industry a bad name. There are some excellent brokers and trading companies out there. Take Libertex, for example. It is regulated by the Cyprus Securities exchange commission. They offer demo accounts, trades in 213 assets as well as an online presence that points to the company being a legitimate trading partner for you. Next up, we have eToro. Every eToro review says the same thing: they are one of the best trading platforms on the internet. They offer lots of trading options, put up all their numbers for you to see, and are also regulated by the Cyprus Securities exchange commission.

Between 65-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money.