FXCC Review – A Solid Selection of Currency Pairs

Compared to most other brokers that we recommend, FXCC has a smaller selection of available assets. Although that is not necessarily a bad thing since it has given the brains behind the broker time to develop a service that very few brokers can compete with. If you don’t believe us the fact that FXCC was awarded the Best Forex Trading Account 2017 at the UK Forex Awards should be enough.

This world leading forex and CFD broker provides an excellent trading experience for traders of all skill levels and is highly recommended by some of the industries most respected services, including us here at BullMarketz.com

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Is FXCC a Scam?

Let us begin with clarifying that FXCC isn’t a scam in any way, shape, or form. In fact, this broker has a reputation for being extremely trustworthy, their track record is as clean as it gets, and FXCC happens to be regulated by two of the strictest agencies in the business.

The company that operates FXCC is called the FX Central Clearing Ltd, and they are authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). That means that FXCC operates under the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). As if that wasn’t enough, FXCC is also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

Getting authorized by both of Europe’s leading regulatory bodies is not an easy feat, and it’s something that any broker should be very proud of accomplishing. For you, as a trader, it means that FXCC is safe to use and that you will have the support of two highly influential agencies in case any problems would arise.

Trading Instruments On the FXCC Platform

As mentioned, FXCC has a selection that’s somewhat smaller than other brokers and instead of offering as many assets as possible, FXCC has chosen to focus on the most lucrative and exciting ones. So what assets are available on FXCC?

The main category on the FXCC platform is forex trading, and the broker currently provides 30 different currency pairs. Note that FXCC is an ECN forex broker meaning you get to trade currencies through an Electronic Configured Network (ECN) with a Straight Through Processing (STP) method. We understand that this might sound awfully technical, but all it really means is that you get to trade forex in the most transparent way possible when using FXCC.

In addition to 30 currency pairs, FXCC offers two commodities and two indices. Though it is not a lot of options, it’s four really exciting investment opportunities. The two commodities are gold and silver, two of the oldest and most traded commodities there has ever been. When it comes to indices, FXCCX provides access to the WS30 (US 30 – Dow Jones) and the NDX (US Tech – Nasdaq 100).

FXCC’s Trading Platforms

When signing up for a trading account with FXCC, you’ll gain full access to the MetaTrader 4 platform. What that means is that you can use all the necessary tools to analyze market conditions and speculate on the available economic assets. The MetaTrader 4 can also be used for things like automated trading, and you have the option to program your own forex trading robots based on your preferences and trading signals.

The MetaTrader 4 on the FXCC platform is available on Windows and Mac computers as well as smartphones and tablets running on Android and iPhone, meaning you can trade anywhere at any time.

Trading Accounts

FXCC has four trading accounts that you can choose from. Three of them are used to trade forex and other assets with real money, and one is used to practice using virtual funds.

The Standard Account is the least advanced account offered by FXCC. It requires a minimum deposit of 100 US dollars, Euros, or Pounds. This account works best for beginners and traders that aren’t trading on a regular basis.

The XL Account is FXCC’s most popular trading account. Unlike the Standard Account, the FXCC XL Account requires a minimum of $500 for each deposit. It also comes with extra perks such as zero commission and zero deposit fees.

The Advanced Account has been specifically designed for professional traders with a lot of available funds. The account requires a deposit of $100,000, and it gives you access to an extra 20 assets that no other account can trade with. To find out what the 20 assets are you need to sign up for the account.

Additionally, FXCC’s demo account can be used to trade with actual assets using virtual money. That means you can neither win or lose any real money and the account is only used for practice.

FXCC Customer Service

Do you need to contact FXCC? Then you have the following three options:

  • Call FXCC on +357 25 870750 or +357 25 025001
  • Start a live chat with FXCC on the broker website
  • Email FXCC on [email protected]


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