Google Stock Bounces After Quarterly Report

Google Stock Bounces After Quarterly Report

On Monday, Alphabet (Google) published their first quarterly report of 2018. The report showed that Alphabet had outperformed all predictions which had the stock surging for less than an hour.

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Alphabet, Google’s parent company, beat all predictions during the first three months of 2018 and it helped the stock during after hours, but only for a little bit. When the exchange closed on Monday, Google’s stock soared by 3% before dropping down below pre-closing prices within less than an hour.

Nothing spectacular is expected for the Google stock over the coming week, but we can expect some growth thanks to the Q1 report.

What Did Google’s Q1 Tell us?

The most important numbers from Google’s first quarterly report are as follows:

Predictions said Google would make $30.29 billion in revenue but the company made it up to a total of $31.15 billion. The same predictions stated that Google’s earnings per share (EPS) would rise to $9.28, but that too was surpassed, and Google ended up reaching $9.93.

Google also experienced a rise in total clicks averaging an 8 percent increase on their platforms, YouTube, Search, etc. At the same time, price per click dropped close to 7 percent.

There are many more quarterly reports expected this week and for the next coming weeks, and we will keep you updated on the most important. Until then, don’t forget to check out our stock trading guide or take a look at one of our recommended brokers

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