Greenfields Capital Review

  • Greenfields capital is an unregulated broker, operating in the EU. The broker was founded in 2015 by a company called KINTEKA.
  • You can trade Binary Options, CFDs, Bitcoin with Greenfields Capital, but due to the broker being unregulated, we highly recommend that you choose a regulated stockbroker, Forex Broker, Crypto broker or CFD broker.
  • Our first impression of this broker is not a very good one, a cheap looking website welcomes us and gives us the chills. If you are looking for a quality broker, Greenfields Capital is not it.

There are many brokers in today’s trading landscape, some of them are good, some are OK and some are really bad. Greenfields Capital is the latter, we strongly recommend our users to not sign up with this broker. Always use a regulated alternative for your trading. It is much safer.

On top of that, the broker comes with a really high minimum deposit and no free demo account, both of which are really bad signs.

Is Green Fields Capital a scam?

Would we go so far as to call Greenfields Capital a scam? Well, while we have no definite proof it is very clear that the general consensus about this broker is that they are a scam. We are seeing many reports of scams and complaints about this broker on the forums, and normally, this would indicate that the broker is a scam and is to be avoided.

Why would you risk it when there are so many better alternatives out there? eToro, IQ Option, and Plus500 just to mention a few. All of these brokers are regulated and safe to trade with. On top of that, their products are much better than the likes of Greenfields Capital.

Have you been scammed by Greenfields capital? Please contact us and help us spread the word about this broker, share this post on social media and forums.

Editors note

There was a time when anyone could start a broker and get away with low-quality products, fortunately, in today’s trading environment, and thanks to stricter regulations. Most of the scammers are gone. Greenfield capital is still going strong though. It is my personal recommendation that you avoid this broker at all cost. Just take a look at their product, does it seem legit to you? And if so, why are they not regulated already?

Always be careful and only trade with licensed brokers. It can avoid you a lot of headaches.