Let’s Talk Business – Week 14

Let’s Talk Business – Week 14

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Let’s Talk Business – Week 29

plus500This week we have a major announcement regarding new regulation. It includes and effects everyone trading binary options and CFDs and we highly recommend that you read through what we have to say and follow the provided link for more information. We will also talk about Spotify’s IPO, the ongoing trade war, bitcoin’s struggles, and how a stronger dollar can affect the world economy. And let’s not forget the trash talk from the leader of the west and how Facebook is still highly under the radar after the scandal.

The European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA) has updated their regulation banning binary options and limiting CFD trading. The new regulations have made it illegal to offer and market binary options within the European Union and it has put strict restrictions on CFDs. For example, leverage has been limited to between 2:1 and 30:1 depending on the underlying asset and protection against negative accounts is now mandatory. Leverage traded cryptocurrencies are being restricted the most.

Spotify made their IPO in record time and in a very unusual way. Instead of listing with the help of major Wall Street banks, Spotify went through the process on their own even forcing NYSE to change their rules in the process. The Spotify stock has struggled somewhat since the initial listing but the future’s looking bright. Experts are comparing the Spotify stock to Netflix and CEO Daniel Ek says they have clear long-term goals.

The trade war continues and a solution is looking further away than ever. During Wednesday, Bejing announced that they are implementing 25% tariffs on more American goods proving that they are not willing to back down.

Bitcoin has had a tough few weeks. Late last week, Bitcoin fell below $7,000 before recovering slightly. During the same price drop, Ethereum fell under $400 and the rest of the market followed suit. On Wednesday, the pattern repeated itself as Bitcoin fell under $7,000 once again.

Trump has been grilling Amazon and the company CEO Jeff Bezos on Twitter. In a series of tweets over the past week, Trump has attacked Amazon’s refusal to pay state taxes, how the company is making the American postal service to lose money, and much more. Naturally, Trump’s tweets have hurt the Amazon stock but not enough for anyone to be worried.

Morgan Stanley has lowered Facebook’s rating saying they are scared of revenue numbers after the privacy scandal. At the same time, Bank of America has announced that Facebook is not one of their favorite stocks anymore.

The Dollar Index- a comparison of the American dollar against a basket of currencies – is up 1% year to date. Even though that might sound good at first it can be devastating for the global economy especially in combination with the ongoing trade war.

Snap is looking to open an office in Saudi Arabia where they want to teach kids about Snapchat and other technology. According to sources, Snap is in advanced talks with Saudi Arabian about opening an office in the region. If the deal goes through, Snap would be one of the first major tech companies to establish themselves in the country and it could provide many unique opportunities to grow and spread knowledge in the region.

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