Let’s Talk Business – Week 20

Let’s Talk Business – Week 20

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There is a lot of excitement on the market, and most markets are performing exceptionally well, but is it all good or is there a downside to all the growth? Oil is soaring and so are tech stocks, the retail industry is doing very well, and the biggest event for cryptocurrencies has just wrapped up. In this week’s Let’s Talk Business we’ll take you through all the most important developments.

Microsoft is planning to launch affordable tablets in an attempt to take over some of the market space that Apple has lost from decreasing iPad sales. According to inside source, the Microsoft Surface will launch during the second half of 2018, it will cost $400, and it will come with several unique features. Hopefully, the new tablets will do better than the cheap tablets Microsoft launched in 2012 because then we could expect the Microsoft stock to surge in late 2018.

CME has launched two indexes based on Ethereum and has spurred speculation that the exchange might be planning to introduce Ethereum futures as well. CME’s new cryptocurrency index products were made possible through a collaboration with British Crypto Facilities which launched the first-ever regulated Ethereum futures last week. Crypto Facilities is in charge of collecting the price information for the two indexes while CME takes care of the trading.

Oil has been soaring since Trump decided to leave the Iran accord and experts are now getting worried. Earlier today, the price of crude oil passed $80 per barrel for the first time since 2014. According to analysts, the price cap is still far away and analysts see oil hitting everything from $85 before July to $100 in the next few weeks.

Consensus 2018 is a cryptocurrency summit that has been held annually in New York City for the last four years. Over 250 speakers, hundreds of companies, and thousands of attendees spent three full days at the Midtown Hilton discussing everything related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Many investors assumed that the cryptocurrency market would soar from the summit, but so far no major price developments have occurred.

Walmart’s stock is soaring after their positive earnings call. The retail giant beat all projections during the first quarter in 2018, and some of the numbers were especially impressive. For example, Walmart’s e-commerce has grown by over 30% thanks to a bigger focus on food products and a newly designed website. Also, Walmart acquired Indian Flipkart a little more than a week ago, and analysts are expecting to see the Walmart stock benefit from the deal in the long run.

Nvidia’s short-term projection is looking strong. The chip maker stock is down almost 5% since record highs earlier this year, but most technical analysts agree that the stock is about to turn.

AMD could see a good boost in sales and revenue due to problems in Intel’s production chain. Together with Nvidia, the AMD stock is now looking like two of the better tech investments, and AMD is expected to get its ratings upgraded by most.

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Find the best trading platform. You capital is at risk when trading. Be careful.


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