Let’s Talk Business – Week 32

Let’s Talk Business – Week 32

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China has been on everyone’s mind this past week after the Chinese government got involved in both Google and Apple. There has also been a lot of talk about the future of Bitcoin, especially in relations to the ETF applications that the SEC is evaluating. In addition, we can report on the hottest cryptocurrency right now, pump and dump schemes, as well as Elon Musk’s clumsy tweeting habit.

Is Google launching a censored search engine in China? According to a report from CNBC, Google could be looking into entering the Chinese market after having closed down shop in the country in 2010. But experts are worried since it would require the IT giant to censor their product. Google has refused to comment on the report, and the source of the information has not been confirmed. CEO of the Chinese search engine Baidu was quick to comment on the situation and invited Google to China so that his company “could win again.”

The SEC decided to postpone yet another Bitcoin ETF application until the end of September. Many investors are relying on the introduction of Bitcoin ETFs to set off the next bull run, but the SEC seems to have different plans. In the past couple of weeks, the SEC has denied one application and postponed two others, and so it looks like the mass adoption of Bitcoin will have to wait.

Coinbase recruited former Amazon and Microsoft employee Tim Wagner as Vice President of Engineering. Wagner’s role will be to help Coinbase meet the increasing demand in the industry, which he is perfectly suited for. Before joining Coinbase Wagner was in charge of running Amazon’s cloud service Amazon Web Service (AWS). Wagner helped grow AWS into one of Amazon’s biggest assets.

There is a new broker in the CFD and forex industry called 24Cm. We are excited about this and we’re happy that we got to be the first ones to review 24Cm. This new broker is owned by the same group of brands that run 24Option and we have a good feeling that they will take the market by storm. In fact, 24Cm already offers a product that’s superior to many of its competitors.

ESMA’s new regulations which limit leverage trading have taken full effect. Many investors are worried that the limits will hurt the market, but we are convinced of the opposite. Lower leverage and negative balance protection will create more fair conditions which will help attract more traders.

The Wall Street Journal published a report proving the extent of market manipulation in the cryptocurrency industry. According to the report, illegal chat groups have been used to pump prices and accumulate over $800 million between January and July of 2018.

Holo (HOT) is the latest hype on the cryptocurrency market, and it has been surging for weeks. Due to the unique nature of Holo, we’ve put together a Holo guide where we dissect the project and help our readers understand what makes Holo so special. We also go into detail about the differences between Holo (HOT), Holochain, and Holo Fuel.

Apple could play an important role in the trade war. According to sources, China is ready to sanction Apple in order to put extra pressure on the Trump administration, but experts are calling the bluff. Apple is too important for the Chinese economy, and it is highly unlikely that they would attack them directly or indirectly.

Diplomatic tension between Canada and Saudi Arabia has escalated this past week after a group of Canadian civil rights activists were arrested in the country. Since then, Saudi Arabia has started to bring home diplomats serving in Canada, and they have even flown home sick patients from Canadian hospitals. What is even worse is that all trading between the two nations has been paused and it’s creating an international turmoil. Luckily enough, Saudi officials published a statement confirming that the oil trade between the two nations will be left untouched.

Elon Musk has been writing headlines all week after a questionable tweet. After Musk tweeted saying he was considering taking Tesla off the exchange and that he had “secured funding,” the company shares surged by 11 percent. However, the tweet also raised some questions, and the SEC is now planning to launch an investigation against Musk. If it turns out that Musk doesn’t have funding and that he is not planning to delist the company, he could end up being prosecuted for market manipulation.

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