Let’s Talk Business – Week 46

Let’s Talk Business – Week 46

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Elon Musk revealed the new electronic truck Tesla Semi. But since Tesla has experienced its six worst months ever with big losses and expenses reaching almost 1 billion dollars per quarter, many experts are doubting if it was a good decision. The question now is if the new vehicle will save or drown the struggling company. 

The American Congress passed the Trump administration’s new tax reform. The vote ended with 227 votes in favor of it and 205 votes against the tax reform. According to Paul Ryan, this is the best thing that could have happened to the American economy.

The two Swedish banks Nordea and Handelsbanken are being threatened with sanctions from Finansinspektionen (FI – the Swedish financial authority). In 2015 the two banks were fined a total of 80 million kronor because of their refusal to take necessary measures against money laundering. Newly published information shows that neither banks have done enough to fix the issue. The FI is now prepared to take action if nothing is done by the end of the year.

David Kaplan at the Dallas Federal Reserve says that overshooting employment could trigger a rate hike. Unemployment in the United States has now dropped to 4.6% and according to Kaplan, it has reached a level where it could lead to rising inflation and hiked interest rates.

The first 1 dollar bill with Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin’s signature has been printed. Right now they are being shipped to regional banks and we can expect to see the new dollar bills on the market by mid-December. (External link to our sister site)

Ceasars Entertainment has announced that they will acquire Centaur Holdings for 1.7 billion dollars. By doing so they open up the doors to a new market with 6.6 million established customers.

Bitcoin dropped close to 20 percent last weekend but there is no need to worry. The digital currency has gone through similar prices changes over the last year and always bounces back and grows by 50% in four weeks. In fact, the cryptocurrency has already reached a new high just below $8,000 on Friday morning.

Singapore has become the latest country to cut all trading ties with North Korea. The decision was made after new UN sanctions were implemented against North Korea and their weapons program.

Goldman Sachs analytic Christopher Prykull is sending a warning to grocers. According to new details, more consumers are using the Internet to shop for food and it is putting grocery stores at high risk. The development skyrocketed after Amazon acquired Whole Foods earlier this year.

Coca-Cola gained huge profits outside of the United States and are now aiming to enter the alcohol market. After an impressive three months based on increased revenue from the energy drink Monster, it seems like Coca-Cola is looking to expand their collection with alcoholic beverages.

India’s credit score was increased by Moody’s Investors Service, and the country might see a new trillion dollar industry boost. The decision was based on several successful reforms that will help India’s economy both in the short and long term. Morgan Stanley is also backing the decision claiming India will be one of the most lucrative markets in the near future.

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