Let’s Talk Business – Week 7

Let’s Talk Business – Week 7

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It has been a good week for business and it’s looking like the markets are recovering from the struggles we’ve seen lately. The Dow Jones is slowly recovering from the record-breaking dip it experienced and the cryptocurrency market seems to have turned for the better. Also, Warren Buffett is putting his money in the tech-industry, shipping industry leaders are becoming increasingly worried that e-commerce giants are taking over, and much more in this weeks Let’s Talk Business.

Warren Buffett has sold most of Berkshire Hathaway’s stocks in IBM to invest in Apple. The otherwise, tech-skeptic billionaire sees great potential in Apple for the coming year and has started to doubt IBM’s ability to keep up with the industry.

LitePay will be launched on February 26. The news was released earlier this week and it made Litecoin surge by over 40%. Litecoin is now selling for $236 and is expected to grow even more.

Maersk is trying to protect itself from e-commerce businesses by providing the best possible service. As Amazon and Alibaba grow bigger and start tapping into the delivery business, Maersk is getting worried that the next step for these e-commerce giants could be the shipping industry.

Nestle underperformed during 2017 and it has been blamed on weaker sales during the last quarter. Apparently, Nestle has struggled to gain necessary momentum on the American market.

JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon has changed his opinion about cryptocurrencies. Last year he stated that everyone who invested in Bitcoin was an idiot, but now it seems like he is beginning to see the potential. In a market summary, he acknowledged that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and offer a good solution for decentralized systems.

Germany has seen a decrease in the use of cash. For the first time ever cash does not represent more than half of the market and both card payments and internet payments are taking over market shares. This development follows a trend that we have seen across Europe.

The Dow Jones has had a rough few weeks with several low marks and massive sell-offs. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has since recovered a bit but the market is still not stable.

Who is getting rich off cryptocurrencies? Forbes recently posted a list of the 19 richest people in cryptocurrencies and is proving that it’s definitely not impossible to get rich off cryptocurrencies. Although, most of the people on the list are rich because of the cryptocurrency companies they own and not so much from investments.

Bitcoin has recovered from the market dip and is finally trading over $9,000 dollars again. In fact, most of the market has recovered and by the looks of it, we can expect to see some major gains in the coming few weeks.

Amazon has partnered with Bank of America to further increase the company’s loaning service to merchants.

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