Maersk Arms Itself to Protect Against E-commerce Giants

Maersk Arms Itself to Protect Against E-commerce Giants

As e-commerce giants such as Amazon and Alibaba keep rising and taking over more market space, other companies are getting worried about their role in the future of product shipments.

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The leading international container shipping company in the world Maersk obviously relies on much of its business from major e-commerce businesses. However, as of lately concerns are growing that their now partners might take over if they don’t perform well enough.

In a phone interview with Bloomberg, Maersk CEO Søren Skou stressed his concerns that if they don’t treat companies such as Amazon and Alibaba right, they might look into taking over their role as the main shipment provider.

Considering how much Amazon has grown from being a small online bookshop operated out of a garage to one of the biggest companies in the world, it would come as no surprise if they started to develop their own shipment services. In fact, stocks in companies such as FedEx and UPS have already seen a decline due to Amazon’s decisions to take care of more and more deliveries to clients on their own.

A natural step from warehouse to consumer delivery would be warehouse to warehouse shipping, and Maersk is now working hard to keep the lead in the industry so that no other company feels the need to ship their own products. Both Amazon and Alibaba are expected to grow immensely over the coming year, and their stocks are highly sought after on the stock market.


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