MarketsWorld Review

While it is true that there are a lot of scam binary trading websites out there, one in a while a good one comes to the fore. Keep in mind that the good refers to the way they present themselves and how they appear to handle their business. MarketsWorld is one such trading platform and website. They used to offer information on binary trading. Used to because they seem closed at the time of this MarketsWorld review(August 2018) but their website has a notice saying they are coming back.

They are registered, licensed and regulated in Great Britain. In the time they operated as binary options traders, they did offer some good discounts on deposits with their withdrawal fees staying within the industry standard. That said, there are those who say they are a scam simply because of some issues they had.

Some had issues with opening a Marketsworld demo account while others had issues withdrawing their cash. There are lots of mixed messages online with no middle ground; traders either love them or hate them. That said, it is important to have a better look to determine which side they fall on, the good or the bad.

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Is MarketsWorld a scam? Is MarketsWorld regulated?

To answer the first question, it is hard to tell. The answer to the second question is a resounding yes as has been explained in the previous paragraph. Also, as described in the last paragraph, simply too many mixed messages make it hard to know where they stand. That said, a lot of reviews online point to the fact that even if they may not be a Marketsworld scam, there is a lot that is not right with their operation.

There are reports of trades that are wins being reported as losses, trading data changed at the last minute so traders make losses as they do not have enough time to change their options. There are also claims of website and data lag at crucial times. Because of how large the company was, there is no reason why issues such as these should be cropping up. There are also reported issues with their Forex trading platforms, with all the above issues cropping up on almost all types of trades carried out on the website. Although no one comes up and says it, it would be best to stay away from Marketsworld even after they open shop again.

Alternatives to MarketsWorld

Since Marketsworld is so sketchy, it is always best to look for some alternative trading platforms. One such platform is eToro. This is a trading platform that does not have any complaints. Every eToro review will tell you that they have over 200 trading options and assets, they are distributed around the globe and are regulated by the Cyprus securities exchange commission.

They also publish all their numbers and data to give traders that extra peace of mind. Another excellent trading platform is IQ Option, which lets you trade EFTs, forex, stocks and other digital assets. They have mobile and desktop apps so you can see exactly where your trades stand.

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