Maximus CryptoBot Review

Maximus CryptoBot is a software app designed for cryptocurrency investors. It is developed by the same designers as the Maximus Edge Autobot, which was previously exposed as a scam. The new automated trading software offers additional benefits as it targets not only digital currencies, but global currency markets. This means that you can trade Bitcoin or Ethereum, but also forex pairs in many currencies.

It claims to provide the best of both worlds and to generate huge returns for investors. Created with a focus on the beginner, it is extremely simple to use, and there are numerous free videos and e-books available. Advertised as an extremely powerful app, it also offers plenty of beneficial tools for traders. The system is free, and once you register and make your first deposit, then your account will be activated and you will have access to the daily trading signals.

However, there is no Maximus CryptoBot demo account available to test the waters. You are directed to a broker, and each trade is valued at $25. This CryptoBot could well be the first to use an auto-pilot app to analyse both markets and provide feedback to traders every day. Read on in this Maximus CryptoBot Review to see if this is a genuine opportunity.

Find the best trading platform. You capital is at risk when trading. Be careful.

Is Maximus CryptoBot A Scam? Is Maximus CryptoBot Regulated?

Looking closely at Maximus CryptoBot, it would seem that it is yet another software platform that deals with unlicensed brokers. When you register, you are forced to use a recommended broker and are unable to choose your broker for trading.

A big concern with most automated robots is also that they form partnerships with fake cryptocurrency exchanges. On the website, there are extreme claims of the amount of money that will be made and that the software is 93% accurate. However, there is no evidence of this from the large number of negative reviews which can be found online.

There is also no transparent details of how the technical indicators work to help traders. This has the risk of the software not actually using them and generating completely random and unproven forecasts. This should be a huge red flag to any serious trader. Although opinions will always vary, and this is by no means proof of a Maximus CryptoBot Scam, we would not recommend that you try to find out. There are many other reputable alternatives available, and it is much better to stick with regulated and reliable CFD brokers.

Alternatives To Maximus CryptoBot

Trading Forex can always be a profitable and fun pastime if you stick to licensed and regulated brokers and investigate their operations. If you have decided that Maximus CryptoBot is not for you then check out our Libertex review. This company was founded in 1997, offers worldwide services for forex, cryptocurrencies, and stocks, and has won many awards.

Alternatively, check out AvaTrade, a hugely diverse automated trading platform. The package of benefits comes integrated with the software itself and include many advanced strategies and Forex trading APIs. Make sure that you have thoroughly reviewed and researched before you make any final decision and invest your money.

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