Maximus Edge Autobot Review

If you have been trading for some time, it is likely that you have heard about Maximus Edge Autobot. If you have not, then beware, and do some research before you are tempted by the claims on the website. Maximus Edge is an automated trading platform, and the software it uses is intended to help you make trades. It claims to do this by giving you indicators as to when you need to make trades and what types of trades to make.

Maximus Edge was released in 2017 and intends to help you trade binary options much more successfully and profitably. On the website, the creator of this platform, Max, explains that the software uses five indicators to help you make the right trades at the right time. As this Maximus Edge Autobot review will show, there are no indications that this software actually does what it is intended to do, despite its claims of up to 84% success rates. To get started, you need to go to their website, sign up and then pay for the access. There is no Maximus Edge Autobot demo account available for you to test the waters or see how it works.

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Maximus Edge Autobot A Scam? Is Maximus Edge Autobot Regulated?

There are many red flags raised on the Maximus Edge Autobot, and these red flags lead to the conclusion that this software could well be a scam. To understand why we have to understand how it is claimed to work. First of all, this software is geared towards binary options trading. Traders know that binary options are some of the riskiest ventures available. Unless someone knows something the rest of us do not, it is usually quite hard to tell what the short term trends are going to be. Maximus Edge claims to predict these trends, thereby helping you to invest your money in the right place.

Secondly, you can see the Maximus Edge Autobot scam in action once you get on the website. Why is there no demo account that shows you how to use the software? Or proof of its success rates? Thirdly, the software is not made for beginners, and there is no help offered.

It is quite hard to understand and to get started with, which means that a lot of beginners who pay for this software will not get anything in return. Lastly, Maximus Edge does not refer you to any legitimate, registered Forex trading partners. They redirect you to an unregistered broker known as FTO capital. This is yet another red flag that should not be ignored.

Alternatives To Maximus Edge Autobot

All is not lost if you were thinking that Maximus Edge Autobot was promising, as those looking for something legitimate have a few alternatives to choose from. Take the CopyKat software, for example.

This is legitimate trading software provided by CM trading, a registered South African broker. Using this software, you trade on the Sirix trading platform, which gives you all the indicators as to what trades are most profitable. 24Option is another excellent trading platform, with every 24Option review confirming that it is not a scam. It started being regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Investments Commission back in 2013. eToro is yet another fantastic alternative, letting you trade in the world’s top ETFs and stock options.

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