Microsoft To Launch Affordable Tablets to Increase Sales

Microsoft To Launch Affordable Tablets to Increase Sales

Microsoft is reportedly planning to launch a low-cost tablet that could potentially threaten the iPad. An exact release date has not been set yet but it could hit the shelves before the year is over and give Microsoft a good boost in sales.

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In 2012, Microsoft launched a low-cost tablet that ended up being a flop due to hardware limitations that made it hard to run apps on it, and now the tech giant is ready to redeem itself.

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft is going to launch $400 tablets with a design similar to Apple’s iPad. The price tag is half of what the company’s professional tablet, Surface Pro, costs and it has been upgraded with new features.

In order to avoid the issues the company had with the 2012 tablet, Microsoft has decided to use Intel processors instead of the Nvidia processors used in the first version. This will allow for users to run more apps and it will help create a smoother user experience.

In addition to Intel processors, the Microsoft Surface will feature 10-inch screens which are similar to the iPad and smaller than in the Microsoft Surface Pro, a USB-c port, and a brand new charging system.

Increase Sales in 2018

During the last few months, Apple has seen a decline in iPad sales and Microsoft is now stepping in trying to take over some of the lost market shares. If the plan works, Microsoft could see a major increase in revenue during the second half of 2018 which would help boost the stock.

Microsoft has declined both CNBC and Bloomberg a comment and the information comes from inside sources, however, an official statement is to be expected shortly.