Netflix Q1 Report – Stock up 5%

Netflix Q1 Report – Stock up 5%

Yesterday Netflix published their first quarterly report, and it helped boost the stock by several percents. Revenue and earnings per share were in accordance with predictions but the number of new users was much higher.

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Netflix has experienced a phenomenal start in the new year and their Q1 proves it. The earnings per share (EPS) was 64 which turned out to be in line with the estimated number. Revenue was expected to reach $3.69 billion which it exceeded slightly at $3.7 billion.

However, the number of new users is what’s really impressive and the reason why the Netflix stock surged in after hours. During the first three months of 2018, Netflix added almost 2 million new users in the United States which was well above everyone’s expectations. In addition, Netflix added more than 7.4 million international users, marking an impressive 50 percent growth in under a year.

How Does Netflix Grow So Fast?

The recipe lays in original content. Never before has Netflix created as much original content as it has these past few months and by shooting original content in 17 countries, Netflix has managed to boost its number of international subscriptions. Another reason for the impressive international growth is the work that’s been put into subtitling as much of the content as possible, thus reaching out to a much larger user base.

The news about the Netflix stock surging is expected to help the stock increase even more as the market opens. Some experts are even expecting to see a record-breaking performance from the streaming service’s highly sought-after stock in the next coming days. The Netflix stock is available to trade at IQ Option, read the IQ Option review for more information.