NovusCM scam

  • In this NovusCM review, we will take a closer look at the broker to see what they offer and if they are a scam or a legit broker.
  • NovumCM is completely unregulated, as always we recommend that you use regulated alternatives when trading.
  • NovumCM offers CFD, Forex, and Cryptocurrencies.
  • Even though NovusCM does not have the worst of reputations we always recommend our users to trade with regulated brokers.  Safety first.
  • Find a good and safe CFD-broker, Forex broker, Stockbroker or Cryptocurrency broker.

NovusCM review

NovusCM is a broker that offers trading opportunities on CFD, Forex and Cryptocurrencies. NovusCM us owned by Velmon Enterprise LTD. Their registered address is: Trust company complex, Ajeltake road, Ajeltake Islands, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96960.

The broker makes a quite serious impression for being an unregulated broker, one can assume that NovusCM is trying to go for a license. As of right now though, they are unregulated. Which means watchdogs like CySEC and FCA are not monitoring them. This always introduces a quite high risk and we advise you to use regulated alternatives.

To trade with NovusCM you have to make a hefty deposit is 1000 USD/EUR. And, you have no demo account. This is not really fitting most of our retail clients. Brokers like IQ Option offers way less in minimum deposit.

NovusCM overview

  • Founded 2018 by Velmon Enterprise LTD.
  • Offers bonus up to 75% of first deposit.
  • Their spread is fairly low.
  • Insane minimum deposit of 1000 USD/EUR.
  • Does not accept US Traders.
  • Leverage 1:100.
  • No demo account.
  • TradeSoft software.

NovusCM scam? NovusCM is unregulated.

Usually, we are quite hard on unregulated brokers. However, for being unregulated NovusCM is surprisingly good.  With that said, we would never encourage anyone to create an account with them. Unregulated brokers are always unreliable.

We can only assume that NovusCM is trying to get a license, because typically, unregulated brokers that don’t care about the license, also offers terrible products. NovusCm is, however, offering a decent product.

Regulatory warnings

NovusCM has been warned by several authorities within the financial sector, one of the biggest one being the Italian CONSOB. They warned about NovusCM operating in Italy without a license.

CONSOB is pretty much Italy’s version of CySEC and FCA and should be taken seriously.

Editors note on NovusCM

I am always excited to see new products and I got a little bit excited when I saw NovusCM, a new regulated broker I thought. But as it turned out NovusCM is an unregulated broker.

Whilst the broker is making a fairly serious impression I would advise you to pick a regulated broker instead. Also, the minimum deposit is just insane.