Profit Wizard Pro Review

Profit Wizard Pro is a trading software that was created in 2018. Their marketing is based on the claim that you can make up to $1000 per day using their system. You do not have to be an experienced trader to use the robot since it does everything for you. Such claims are questionable since there is no evidence that the robot has managed to make such an amount of money to any trader.

If anything, what there is, are complaints of people saying that they lost their money after using it to auto trade. Moreover, in the videos on their site, their message is to make you believe that you just need to click on their application and you will start making money.

Doesn’t happen, you are more likely to lose your money. Also, they try to convince you that they have connections to other websites, not a lot of actual proof regarding this. Research focusing on Profit Wizard Pro review shows that this trading software does not link to any trusted brokerage. This acts as a warning sign that it is not credible. It also lacks any information that could prove that it uses any technical or fundamental analysis techniques to trade or even offers a Profit Wizard Pro demo account. These issues combined result in us questioning the validity of this platform.

Find the best trading platform. You capital is at risk when trading. Be careful.

Is Profit Wizard Pro Regulated? Is Profit Wizard Pro Genuine?

Profit Wizard pro is a software that we suggest you should avoid. It lacks any solid evidence to back the claims that it is a genuine product to use in Forex trading. The Profit Wizard Pro scam wants you to believe that you can try out the product without depositing any money. Doesn’t happen, as soon as you register on the site, you are sent to a broker that prompts you to deposit at least $250.

Further, the robot has fake news that says they are mentioned on reputable news sites including TechCrunch, Business Insider, CNNMoney and If you try to search the logos of these companies on their website, you will not come across any results, an indication that it is all made up. Promoting fake news is enough evidence that this robot cannot be trusted. Also, the pictures of its members are suspect, with most of the images sourced from photo sharing websites, such as Shutterstock. Its testimonials are not anything to go by either.

The robot states in its terms and conditions page that the testimonials are meant for promotional services and should not be relied upon. One would wonder why a company would promote what it does not offer. Well, only a scam site can do this. To be safe, it is recommended that you avoid this trading robot.

Alternatives To Profit Wizard Pro

As seen, Profit Wizard Pro is not transparent in its operations and should be avoided. A recommended alternative is eToro, a brokerage created in 2006 and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

It is among the oldest brokers around today and holds a clean reputation. You can find out more about the firm in our eToro review. Another consideration could be Plus500, which majorly focuses on CFD trading. It is an innovative and reliable platform that works under the regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority. The two are transparent and will provide you with a smooth trading experience.