Tesler App Review

Tesler App is a forex trading robot which started its operations in late 2016. The company was started by Steven Abrahams who is part of Tesler Investments. The company claims that traders can earn money even when they are offline and further provides traders with their own business coach. The company also claims that users can earn more than 5000 per day using special game-changing algorithms.

The software itself is downloadable and can be used with any device i.e Android, IOS or PC and also includes an option for new traders, which is the Tesler App demo account. The automatic forex trading robot works by using powerful mainframes that explore the internet for data and sends these trading signals directly to user’s accounts where it eventually uses this data to make trades on behalf of the user.

The special signal and algorithm known as Lead Pattern were designed by the founder himself, M.R Steven Abrahams. In this Tesler App Review, we will be discussing whether the system is a scam or not and whether it is regulated. We will also take a look at alternative forex trading robots available on the internet.

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Is Tesler App a scam? Is Tesler App regulated?

By simply looking at the company’s website and video by Steven Abrahams, you will probably come to the conclusion that this is a scam. The Tesler App scam may have users believe that this system is legit but if you take a closer look you will find out that the Tesler App has some discrepancies. First of all the return that the system’s founder claims, users will make, is ridiculous.

Even the best traders in wall street are unable to make their clients that kind of money with such little investment. Second, by looking at the video on the company’s website, http://teslersoftwareapp2.com/, you can quickly realize that most of the folks in that video are actors and their testimonials and reviews are fake. For example, the actor playing M.R. Steven Abrahams was also found in another video, for another automatic trading robot by the name of Swarm intelligence.

Another aspect of the system that makes us question its integrity of the software is the fact that most of the stock brokers that the company deals with are unregulated, just like the software itself. There are much better automatic trading systems out there, that will not take your money and leave you with nothing in return.

Alternatives to Tesler App

When looking for alternatives to the Tesler App, there is no better pick than the eToro automatic trading system.

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