Zcash (ZEC)

Zcash (ZEC) is a popular cryptocurrency that was launched in October 2016. Similar to most cryptocurrencies, Zcash is a completely decentralized asset and a peer-to-peer system, however, there are a few things that make Zcash unique. The developers behind Zcash wanted to create a safe cryptocurrency that would be considered safer than most other assets on the market, which they have succeeded at implementing. According to the developers, Zcash is much safer than Bitcoin and they once said that “if Bitcoin is HTTP, then Zcash is HTTPS.”

The brain behind Zcash calls himself Zooko Wilcox and he has been the CEO of the company since the beginning. Before venturing into the cryptocurrency market, Wilcox worked in cybersecurity and several start-ups.

Zcash has been quite popular since it was launched, and during the last half of 2017 it gained some serious momentum. Naturally, Zcash is a good choice for everyone looking to invest in a secure and modern cryptocurrency.

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What We Like About Zcash (ZEC)

  • Zcash is a decentralized cryptocurrency.
  • Zcash is one of the safest cryptocurrencies on the market.
  • All transactions between users are hidden and untraceable.

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