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This page has been created to explain to current, and future potential associates, exactly what we offer and how they can benefit from a collaboration with us.

As an established and respected resource in the industry, we prioritise transparency and honesty.

By sharing the following information, we hope to erase any questions you might have, as well as clarify our intentions from a B2B perspective.

What We Offer

We pride ourselves in offering accurate broker recommendations based on our extensive reviewing process, in combination with reviews from millions of users.

Our aim is to help online traders and investors find the best tools and services for their needs. We also strive to help expose the foremost brokers in the industry to their intended target group.

By doing this, we want to encourage a safe and honest trading atmosphere, while limiting the negative influence that untrustworthy operators have on the industry.

What’s In It For Our Partners?

If approved by our test team, your business will get broad exposure to hundreds of thousands of organic visitors in several highly targeted guides.

If your broker business fulfills our strict requirements, we will produce a detailed and full-covering broker review. More importantly, we will feature the broker in guides aimed at specific markets where you are actively operating.

These guides contain miniature reviews, broker information boxes, banners, and third-party user reviews, which all help to promote you to the right audience with complete transparency.

We’re currently offering broker guides aimed at several high-valued markets in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

Demographics and Audience Acquisition

Our four main markets are spread across three continents, giving you the best opportunity to reach your intended target group in a specific jurisdiction of interest.

While we do get traffic from around the globe, the majority of our traffic comes from some of the world’s largest markets, including Western Europe, the United States, and South Africa.

By mid-2020, our site had received more than 200,000 organic sessions, with the following five markets being our main ones:

  • The United Kingdom: 41.58%
  • Sweden: 13.52%
  • The United States: 8.74%
  • South Africa: 6.19%
  • Italy: 2.13%

*Percentage of the total number of sessions

The majority – roughly 85% – of our readers, and your potential customers, are acquired through organic search traffic, using targeted and market-specific keywords.

Broker Requirements

Please be aware that our requirements to be considered as a broker for a recommendation are extremely high and only a small percentage of all the tested brokers ever receive our approval.

Besides being safe, regulated, and licensed, with a great reputation, every broker we recommend belongs to the top-tier of their specific markets and services.

To provide the most precise data, our testing and research involves countless hours, where every single feature and tool is tested on a range of devices by a team of professionals.

This data is later combined with user reviews from sites such as Trustpilot. These reviews are collected and updated on a daily basis.

For more information about our requirements, please refer to our How We Test Broker Guide. There, you’ll find information about how we test and rank brokers.

Requesting a Broker Review

We strive to always provide the most accurate and comprehensive information about brokers in different jurisdictions. Because of this, we have tested over 50 brokers and we are continuously reviewing new brokers and updating our previous reviews for accuracy.

In case your broker has not been tested yet, or if you want us to consider it for a recommendation, you can reach out to our testing team. The benefit of doing this is that you can ensure that your operation is tested and featured as soon as possible.

Just keep in mind that we remain unbiased in every case and you cannot affect our rankings, other than by improving your services, according to our requirements.

Contact Information

You can reach us by emailing: We promise to get back to you promptly.

Feel free to visit our About Us Page for other business inquiries and more contact information.

You can also learn more about our operation on the Why Trust Us page.