Why Should You Trust Us?

There is nothing wrong with wondering why you should trust us. In fact, it’s something you ought to consider.

In the end, we recommend brokers that you will trust with your funds and personal information, and you have to be sure that we’re honest.

Therefore, we thought we’d run through every measure we take, to remain honest and transparent, while providing our services.

We’ll also describe the methods used to test brokers and our intuitive feature that collects and showcases user reviews.

Our Aim and Objective

We’re an established online resource that provides you with the tools, skills, and information you need to start trading online. Over the years, we have educated and helped close to 350,000 traders to find a suitable online broker.

We pride ourselves in our work and strive to provide the most accurate broker reviews and trading tips out there.

This is done using a number of methods involving our own tests, as well as third party data.

Tests and Review Process

For example, each broker listed on our site has gone through a major testing process performed by our team of experts. These tests involve extensive research using a process that was developed in-house, which ensures that no stone is left unturned.

We also collect reviews from actual users from trusted sources such as Trustpilot and the App Store.

Risk and Regulation

More importantly, we strive to protect our readers and educate them on the risks associated with trading and investments. As a result, we offer tips on how to avoid or minimise these risks, whenever possible.

For instance, we only recommend and review brokers that are licensed and regulated in the jurisdictions where they are operating.

Without a licence and proper regulation, there are no guarantees that the broker in question has established necessary safety precautions. In fact, certain unregulated brokers are complete scams.

In other words, all the brokers that you find listed on this site are licensed and considered safe to use. Our ratings are also constantly monitored and updated for accuracy.

*Please note that there are always risks associated with investments and trading. It is a constant factor of the industry and not something that can be completely avoided.

Referenced By Several Industry-Leaders

During the last couple of years, BullMarketz.com has been referenced by a range of respected websites, news outlets, and resources that find value in our expertise.

These include:

Relying on Third-Party User Reviews

As mentioned, we rely on several methods to test and evaluate brokers.

One of the most exciting is an automated tool that collects user reviews from TrustPilot, the App Store, and Google Play.

Reviews are collected and updated on a daily basis to ensure that they are up-to-date and accurate.

The reason why we use this feature is to provide a broader picture of what each broker actually offers. It also highlights every broker’s user-friendliness, customer support, transaction terms, and related topics that are often discussed by users.

These user reviews are readily available on all our reviewing pages and broker guides (including the local jurisdiction guides) in the designated broker information boxes.

To find a suitable broker in your jurisdiction, we suggest you visit the guide that includes your jurisdiction. We’ve covered brokers in Europe, Asia, North America, Africa, and more.

A Team of Experienced Professionals

Our site is operated by a team of professionals with extensive experience in day trading and investments, as well as online safety and user protection.

Thanks to our experience in the industry, we know what new beginners require to get a good and fair start. We also understand how much advanced and accurate analytic tools and smooth execution means to professional traders.


In the process of introducing our readers to the best available online brokers, we also take great responsibility for their safety and integrity. Our goal is strictly to help both beginners and experienced traders find the brokers and resources they need to excel, regardless of the level they trade on.

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