Best Stock Trading Apps

Find the best trading platform. You capital is at risk when trading. Be careful.

For the longest time, the trading industry struggled to keep up with the latest technological advances and developments. A good example is when people started using Apple products and most trading companies were late in launching trading software that supported Apple. The same happened when users started showing an interest in good mobile investment apps and it took the industry a few years to get up to speed. Today, however, the situation has changed completely. Trading companies are now leading the development with innovative trading apps and software being released all the time. These are all great trading apps:

Find the best trading platform. You capital is at risk when trading. Be careful.

As the demand for better share market apps increases, new and improved mobile software is being launched. This is especially true within the stock trading community where an increasing number of trades and more analytic work than ever before is conducted on mobile devices.

We assume you’ve ended up on this page because you’re looking for analytic stock apps or share market trading apps. Maybe you’re even trying to find the best stock trading apps. If that’s the case, you’re in luck. This whole page is dedicated to investment apps in all shapes and forms. We’ll cover everything from the best investment stock apps, leading online brokers and their online investment apps, innovative analytical tools, and much more.

If you’re a trader that prefers to invest in stocks on mobile apps, then this guide is for you. We’ll help you pick the right tools so that you can be prepared with the best investment apps on the market such as these highly recommended stockbrokers and their free stock trading apps.

Best Stock Trading App?

Generally speaking, stocks apps can be used for two things. The first group of stocks apps is what we call investment apps which are used to invest in stocks from smartphones and tablets. These apps are provided by stockbrokers and can normally be used for easier trading tasks as well as basic analytic work and keeping track of stocks.

The second group of stocks apps is purely analytical. For example, these apps can provide different stock charts and price data from exchanges. In addition, they can be used to receive trading signals for preferred stocks, offer you the latest stock news, and support you with strategy development.

In today’s mobile-friendly society, most traders use some form of a mobile trading app and we suggest that you try to find at least one or two apps that can help make your stock trading more efficient.

Recommended Stockbrokers and Their Investment Apps

You’re probably already aware that we provide detailed reviews of the best CFD stockbrokers on the market. If you haven’t seen them yet we suggest you take a look at our stockbroker reviews before you continue with this page.

In order to review and grade stockbrokers like we do, we have to test all the available tools, platforms, and services including all of the broker’s best investment apps.

Often times stockbrokers offer share market apps that have been developed by third-party providers. The trading app MetaTrader 4 is undoubtedly one of the most popular ones and you can read more about it further down on this page. However, there are other stock apps that you need to know about.

We would be willing to claim that some of the best stock investment apps are developed by the brokers themselves with their specific clients in mind. When it comes to proprietary stock investing apps there are two stockbrokers that have really excelled at creating useful investment applications.

  • IQ Option is our favorite all-around broker and for good reason. This broker does not only focus on CFDs, binary options, or one set of tools. Instead, they have created a product that includes thousands of underlying assets on most markets readily available on their own platform. This means that IQ Option’s mobile stock trading app is unique for IQ Option. Moreover, it’s one of the best free trading apps in the world and is of high quality. It can be used for analytic work, to stay updated on market developments, and to conduct stock trades. The IQ Option stock trading app is available for Android and iOS.
  • Plus500 is one of the most well-established brokers we’ve ever used. Unlike many of the other brokers that started off as forex brokers or binary options brokers, Plus500 has had a strong focus on stocks from the beginning. Lately, they’ve also created a solid cryptocurrency product. The mobile stock trading app that Plus500 offers was designed by the broker and it is excellent. We would even argue that it’s one of the best mobile stock trading apps to have ever been developed. Besides that, Plus500 offers fantastic analytic tools, strategy advice, a demo account, and a simple and straightforward interface. A demo account is a stock market simulator app where you can trade with virtual funds and no risks.
  • eToro is another broker that belongs on this list, keep in mind that this is one of the oldest brokers out there and they have a great stock trading app. They might not offer as many stocks as Plus500 but they are still a great option. They are also fully regulated and safe to trade with, and recently they have been venturing into cryptocurrencies more and more. Check them out.

MetaTrader 4 CFD Stock Trading

This section is dedicated to one of the leading investment software that has ever been launched. The MetaTrader 4 is an immensely popular trading tool for computers and mobile devices via downloaded software and browser plugins. It was originally developed for forex trading which is still the main market. However, recently the MT4 was updated to support CFDs on other financial markets, making it perfectly suited for stock trading.

The MetaTrader 4 was developed by a company called MetaQuotes Software Corp. which has also developed several trading tools for different markets and devices.

What makes the MetaTrader 4 unique is that it’s connected to several different brokers which means you can set up accounts with more than one stockbroker and then access all your trading accounts from the same app. Several of the leading stockbrokers that we recommend offer the MetaTrader 4 and we have listed the top 3 below.

Note that the MetaTrader 4 is available in a browser version and a downloaded desktop version, but this guide will only focus on the investment app for mobile phones. The MetaTrader 4 is available for Android and iOS.

Recommended Brokers Using MetaTrader 4’s Investment App

The following brokers are some of the best CFD stockbrokers on the market. We know this because we have reviewed dozens of stockbrokers and recommended roughly 10 that we consider good enough. Out of those 10 stockbrokers, the following three belong at the very top.

Even though they offer different products and services, they all rely on the MetaTrader 4 for market evaluation, analyzing, and stock trading on smartphones and tablets.

  • has been our favorite broker for many years and considering their unrivaled ambition to lead the market with innovative solutions, they will most likely remain our favorite for many years. This CFD broker offers more than 2,000 assets on multiple markets, and all the trading is done through the MetaTrader 4. That means that is available on mobile devices through the MT4 investment app.
  • 24Option was one of the first brokers we used regularly when we gotstarted with binary options several years ago. Since then, 24Option has rebranded and updated their product to offer only CFDs, meaning they can be used to trade stocks and invest in other underlying assets. As mentioned, this broker provides MT4 as their share market app.
  • has quite a few similarities to including the fact that they both use one of the best stock investment apps, the MetaTrader 4. is a complete CFD broker that provides access to thousands of assets on several markets and trading them using the MetaTrader 4 has never been easier.

MetaTrader 5 Trading Apps

The MetaTrader 5 is a not an updated version of the MetaTrader 4 but rather a complementary trading tool that offers different and unique features. This software is very easy to use making it the best stock app for beginners.

Compared to the MT4 that was developed for the forex market, theMT5 is focused on several markets including the equity market. Just like the MT4, the MT5 is industry leading and the mobile version of the software is one of the best stock trading apps.

Even though many traders really enjoy using the MetaTrader 5 mobile app, it is still not nearly as common as the MetaTrader 4 mobile app. However, a couple of our recommended brokers do offer it as a part of their selection of investment apps as you can see here.

  • offers both the MT4 and the MT5, and you can read about the broker’s trading apps and products in the section above. One thing we didn’t mention above is MT5’s extensive analytic features and the fact that it’s a great penny stock app.
  • AvaTrade is a really good broker that offers the MT5 as their mobile investment app. This extensive CFD broker provides a simple yet satisfying trading experience, both on computers and on mobile devices. Many users consider this the best app to buy stocks with.
  • FxPro is a decent broker that offers a good selection of currency pairs and a couple of possibilities to trade stocks and other assets. This broker has a nice variety of tools that you can use and the MetaTrader 5’s share market app is one of them. In fact, FxPro is a good choice if you’re looking to use innovative mobile trading tools.

Other Stock Trading Apps

There are of course plenty of stock trading apps that are not offered by our recommended brokers. As a matter of fact, there are so many different share market apps that it would be impossible to list them all. It is difficult to even list the best share market apps since there are so many to choose from.

We have done our very best to recommend the leading tools and trading software that we believe you should try. That being said, we suggest you do some research on your own as well.

Note that most of the following trading apps aren’t used for investing in stocks, but instead offer different analytic features, market updates, stock trading charts, recommendations, and share market news.

NYSE Connect is the name of the official New York Stock Exchange app. This tool offers a personal watchlist where you can add stocks you are interested in or have already invested in. It also provides detailed stock quotes with hundreds of data points for each stock, several different stock charts, real-time stock news from several sources, hotlists, and much more.

The NYSE Connect is personal and can be adjusted to fit your specific needs and provide you with all the information you need to trade on a daily basis. It is easily one of the best trading apps of its kind. You can download the app to Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

NASDAQ QFolio, previously known as NASDAQ OMX Portfolio Manager, is the Nasdaq stock exchange app. This stock trading software is a portfolio trading app and a tool used by thousands of traders every day. With this share market app, you can easily create your own stock portfolios in order to help you track all your investments wherever you go. The stock market app comes with practical features such as a blinking screen to highlight major price movements. Nasdaq QFolio is available on Android and iOS and it can be used to track stocks from the American, Scandinavian, and Baltic stock markets.

Stock TickerPicker is the go-to analytical tool for advanced technical analytic work. This charting app is available for iPhone and iPads and can provide everything from real-time stock quotes to live exchanges and investment advice. The app has support for most of the world’s leading exchanges such as NYSE, Nasdaq, the Paris Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange, and other international exchanges. In our opinion, all serious stock traders should give this investment app a try.

StockTwits is a leading social media app for investors and traders with hundreds of thousands of users. The platform is based on Twitter’s algorithm and has grown immensely in popularity over the past few years. StockTwits trading app can be used to create watchlists, discuss trading advice and strategies, and receive trading signals. It’s the leading social media platform for traders, and in 2012 it was named one of the top 10 most innovative companies in finance by the FastCompany magazine.

Robinhood is completely free and according to some the best stock trading app out there. This stock trading software charges zero fees and commission, instead, the company makes money from interest based on the funds traders keep on their trading accounts. There is no doubt that Robinhood is one of the most popular investment apps on the market. Even though it’s only available in the United States, Robinhood boasts several million active users every month.

In the stock trading world, Robinhood belongs to the most recognizable stock buying apps ever. They recently established themselves among a new group of traders when they released a cryptocurrency version of their app that has been praised for its practicality. The cryptocurrency trading app works in the same way as the stock version – without fees and commission, it’s limited to the United States.

Stock Trading Apps

Stock investment apps can fill many useful functions and be used for both stock trading and analytic work. All of our recommended stockbrokers offer trading apps, either designed by themselves or offered by third-party companies. For example, IQ Option and Plus500 have developed their own stock market apps, while most other brokers use the MetaTrader 4 or the MetaTrader 5.

Moreover, there are probably hundreds of analytic apps to choose from that you can use to track investments, analyze stock charts, and receive trading signals and stock news.

All in all, stock trading applications are getting more and more popular as traders are moving parts of their trading experiences from computers and online trading apps to versions for smartphones and tablets. Today the mobile trading industry is so big that you can do pretty much all of your stock trading directly on your Android or iPhone. The only real downside of using investment apps on mobile devices are the limitations that smaller screens pose. As you can imagine it’s very hard to get a detailed overview of stock charts if you don’t have a proper screen or monitor. Also, many of the stock investment apps are still limited in terms of functionality compared to desktop trading software.

Don’t forget that is available on all mobile devices and all of the most popular browsers and that we provide trading guides and broker reviews for the world’s financial market. We also publish the latest trading news directly on the website without any cost, meaning you can get stock trading news on your phone without downloading apps or having to pay.

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