Just2Trade Review 2019

Just2Trade is a forex and CFD broker based in Limassol, Cyprus, where they are registered, licensed, and authorized by the CySEC.

This broker is a part of a major international brand that has a global reach which includes several products, although, the forex broker remains on the most important parts.

In many ways, Just2Trade is a different broker, and you will notice that as soon as you open the website. Everything from the design and the interface to the products and the services is quite unique for this broker.

Naturally, this creates an interesting trading experience that we aren’t really used to, but we do appreciate the change.

Is Just2Trade a Scam?

No, Just2Trade the forex broker is not a scam and neither is any of their associated financial services. Just2Trade.online is the URL for the forex broker that is licensed by the CySEC in Cyprus, and you might be aware that CySEC is one of the most trusted regulatory bodies in the European Union.

As if that wasn’t enough, Just2Trade has a sister broker also called Just2Trade (Just2Trade.com) which is a licensed online stock broker for the American market. Now, if you thought the European market was strict and tightly regulated, the American market is much stricter.

In our opinion, the fact that these two brands are licensed in two of the strictest markets in the world is more than enough for us to conclude that Just2Trade is not a scam.

Just to clarify before we continue, this review is about Just2Trade the forex broker and not the American stockbroker.

Just2Trade Trading Platforms

We started this review by explaining how Just2Trade is different from most other brokers which are true. However, the platforms they use can be found elsewhere as well since they have opted to use MetaQuotes’ renowned forex and CFD trading tools.

Just2Trade’s main product consists of the MetaTrader 4 and the MetaTrader 5 platforms. The MT4 was designed as a forex platform and is best for people looking to trade currencies, while the MT5 is an updated version aimed at the CFD market.

Both platforms also come in a webtrader version that you can access directly from your browser on any computer.

Mobile Trading

In order to stay relevant in the industry, a broker needs to provide the ability to trade on mobile devices. In Just2Trade’s case that comes from the MetaTrader 4 and the MetaTrader 5 mobile trading apps that can be used on Android and iOS.


That was the basic forex and CFD trading product that most traders will use, but there is more to Just2Trade than that. You see, this broker also offers a trading platform for stocks and options called the ROX. This platform was designed by American stock traders for the American stock market, but it can be accessed from Europe. Note that this is not the same as the American stockbroker.

Just2Trade Assets

We were actually quite surprised to see how comprehensive Just2Trade’s selection of instruments is, although the range differs a bit depending on which account you open (see section below).

In total there seem to be roughly 50+ currency pairs, Bitcoin and Ethereum, four precious metals, 50+ individual stocks, three energy commodities, and 15 indices. We understand that some traders expect to be offered even more instruments, but to us, this is more than enough, especially since Just2Trade now offers cryptocurrencies.

In addition to the forex and CFD products, you can open an account for the ROX platform and gain access to over 9,000 stocks, options, and futures from all over the world.

Trading Accounts

Up until now, Just2Trade’s product is similar to what we’re used to, but as soon as we start looking at the accounts, some things start to look different.

The most basic accounts are designed for traders looking to invest in CFD and forex and they are pretty straightforward.

Forex and CFD

The standard account is called Forex and CFD, and it will give you access to most of the instruments as well as the MetaTrader 4 and the MetaTrader 5. The minimum deposit is $100, and it is completely commission-free, although spreads are not as tight as with some of the other accounts.

Forex ECN

This account has been designed for more experienced forex traders, and the aim is to provide the quickest execution and best analytic capabilities. The minimum deposit is $200 and spreads are as low as 0.0 pips, however, you will have to pay commission for every position you open.

Forex ECN Pro

The pro account is exclusively for professional traders with extensive experience. This account requires a deposit of $100,000, and for that, you get access to a range of exclusive features such as account managers, low commission rates, and more.

Multi Market Account (MMA)

The Just2Trade Multi Market Account is more of a traditional brokerage account than the forex accounts above. With it, you get access to European and Asian stock markets which means you can trade shares, bonds, commodity futures, and more. You can also trade forex and cryptocurrencies, and the account has some interesting functionality. Fees are as low as they can get, you can trade 24/7, there are five different platforms, and much more.


We also want to mention that you can open a separate account for the ROX platform.

Just2Trade Demo Account

As icing on the cake, Just2Trade also offers demo accounts for most of the accounts mentioned above. That means you can open a risk-free account and try the different platforms out before settling on the ones you prefer. Even if you already know which account you want we suggest you open a Just2Trade demo account since it will help you improve your investment skills.

Just2Trade Deposits and Withdrawals

Just2Trade has made it their goal to make the trading experience as comfortable as possible for their clients and that includes offering as many payment options as possible.

In addition to the regular methods such as debit/credit cards, wire transfers, Skrill and Neteller, Just2Trade has several unique payment options. For example, you can use Bitcoin and Ethereum to fund your account or you can opt for one of the 20+ local payment options such as Nordea (Sweden & Finland), Alfabank (Russia), Giropay (Germany), Poli (New Zealand and Australia), etc.

You also have the option of transferring your funds from another broker to Just2Trade in case you feel like changing brokers.

Just2Trade Customer Service

If you ever need to help with anything or if you encounter a problem you can contact Just2Trade 24/7. The support is divided into three teams, the main team handles pretty much every trader and can be contacted via phone (+1 718 42 53 176) or email ([email protected]) and then there is one team for the Indian market and one for the Chinese market.

You can also call the Just2Trade customer service via an online call system on their website, but unfortunately, there is no live chat.

Just2Trade Summary

In the world of forex and CFD brokers, most services are very similar. They offer the same products, have similar websites, the same terms, and so on. And then there is Just2Trader who offers the same trading platforms and instruments but also a range of platforms and investment opportunities that we haven’t seen elsewhere. In fact, we can’t think of any other regulated broker that offers such a comprehensive investment product.

Unfortunately, there is a drawback with offering something unique, and it’s that it can get confusing, especially with as many platforms and accounts as Just2Trade offers. Because of that, we have a feeling that many traders will feel overwhelmed and choose to use a more traditional broker instead. In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether Just2Trade is for you or not and the best way to do so is to register for an account today.


Between 65-89% of retail CFD accounts lose money.